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In India’s new found gastronomic capital - Goa , ‘Moyo’ is making waves, for all the right reasons! A pan-Asian restaurant nestled in the lush hills of Anjuna, with authentic pan-Asian delicacies, exquisitely curated beverages and a diverse calendar of concerts and events, ‘Moyo’ has evolved into a cultural hub, where the lines between art, cuisine and performance all blur into one uniquely crafted experience. Styled with bohemian elements, within the elegant hotel Anamiva, Moyo's Bali-esque architecture harmonises with modern artworks inspired by Keith Haring and Picasso, complimented soulfully with African relics and calming Buddha statues.

About Moyo
The Loft at moyo

The space transforms after hours, with the closing of the restaurant and the opening of the Loft, a two level indoor venue, built into the hill with a handcrafted sound system and a dedicated bar of its own. This pop up club hosts the trendiest DJs and electronic artists from around the country, focused mainly on reviving the culture around disco and Afro music, a choice close to the owners heart.

Some of the artists they have hosted include leading artists like Spryk, Discoman, Sickflip, Monophonik and Stalvart John amongst others. Their Impromptu Session IP has been the latest talk of the town, buzzing with travellers, music enthusiasts and the thriving local community alike till the wee hours of the night.

About The Loft
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